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I signed up for Tammy’s QuickBooks workshop where I learned step-by-step to set up my entire business in QuickBooks. I brought in ALL of my invoices, receipts, checking/savings/credit card accounts, and literally learned how to organize EVERYTHING on QuickBooks.

I know I’m not the only entrepreneur out there struggling with my books. If you need help with your book keeping skills and organization, then I highly recommend taking the QuickBooks workshop from Tammy.

Thank you again, Tammy!
— Audra

Deemed “The Queen of Business Financial Clarity,” Tammy Foley will show you how your business can use financial clarity for running a profitable business, cost effective solutions for setting up your record keeping, planning for a successful home based business and avoiding costly mistakes.

Financially speaking, 2010 & 2011 left many entrepreneurs and business owners with economic fear (and many still have it, of course). Did you make money? Struggle with money? Do you even know if you were profitable? One thing is certain, the financial landscape has definitely shifted in the past few years.

Armed with over 28 years of entrepreneurial experience, our goal at WeTrainU-2, Inc. is to have you, the business owner, obtain the knowledge you need to grow your business. Our array of training programs will provide the tools you need to make confident, educated decisions in order to sustain your business success. Tammy has provided services as a CFO, a full charge accountant and consultant for small business owners to multi-million dollar corporations. She is pleased to share with you the secrets of setting up and running a business correctly and efficiently. Don’t waste your time on costly mistakes; learn how to achieve your financial destiny! When she isn’t helping others create business success, Tammy enjoys spending time with her two sons. She also creates glass mosaic pieces and is learning how to ocean kayak.

“The Queen of Financial Clarity”
WeTrainU-2, Inc.President








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