I signed up for Tammy’s QuickBooks workshop where I learned step-by-step to set up my entire business in QuickBooks. I brought in ALL of my invoices, receipts, checking/savings/credit card accounts, and literally learned how to organize EVERYTHING on QuickBooks.

I know I’m not the only entrepreneur out there struggling with my books. If you need help with your book keeping skills and organization, then I highly recommend taking the QuickBooks workshop from Tammy.

Thank you again, Tammy!
— Audra

Tammy Foley:

Your Profit Detective for Sustainable Business Success

Tammy Foley is known as the “Goddess of Miracles” by some, and “The Profit Detective” by others; either way Tammy and her company bring decades of experience and a deep commitment to fostering sustainable success with the Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Solo-prenuers with whom they work. In their industry they bring a refreshing outlook and approach to your business possibilities and expanded success.

As a single mother raising her two children, Tammy knows what it is to boot strap a thriving business and is armed with over 30 years of personal experience. Most business owners’ greatest fear is the Government coming into their business and finding something amiss. She works with highly motivated entrepreneurs & business owners who are ready to leave their fears behind.

Tammy easily shows you how to avoid costly financial & business mistakes.

She has helped her clients gain sustainable success in their business. Such clients have included Fortune 500 companies to homeless solo-prenuers who now are thriving from the strategies, support and systems put in place by Tammy and her team.

She has provided services as a CFO for several small businesses, including accounting, record keeping, strategic planning and consulting for business owners from the mom & pop owner to multi-million dollar corporate business.

The wide range of business services have bailed out many a business owner. From the Entrepreneur who wants to “Do It Yourself,” to the business owner who wants to “hand it over to their team,” the “I don’t want to handle it – you do it” busy Entreprenuer and anyone in between, Tammy and team are the business to go to “to get your stuff done.”

Tammy’s gift is working with business owners and keeping it simple; there is no accounting jargon with her.

She is pleased to share the secrets of setting up and running a business sustainably and efficiently.

Prior Speaking Engagements:

OSSN Conference Las Vegas NV, 2011
SCORE Jan-December 2010
eWomen Conference August 2009 Pitch your Business
2500+ Women Teaching Women November 2009 Finding Grants For Women Owned Businesses
35+ SCORE December 2010 The ABCs of owning and operating a home based business
15+ DSWA Telecall September 2010 Financial Clarity
100+ Baskin Robbins December 2009 Franchise Central Accounting using QuickBooks
20+ MaryKay Directors Meeting 2007, 2008, 2009 What is tax deductable
50+ OSSN Conference Las Vegas NV, 2011 & 2012 Started a business, now what
400+ Lisa Sasevich Las Vegas NV 2012 What every business owner should know about their numbers
500+ My Referral Club, Toastmasters, Ali Lassen Leads

Talk Titles:

The ABCs of owning and operating a home based business”

“Started a business, now what?”

“Why your Business maybe running out of Gas”

Teleconference Interviews:

Lisa Sasevich Mastermind January 2011 “Making Friends with Your Financial Statements”

DSWA Tele-call September 2010 “Financial Clarity”

Small Business Resource Tele-summit August 2012 “Success secrets to increase your profitability”

Simply Strategic Success Radio Show August 2012 “Helping you navigate your business with smart decisions and tax write off’s”

What People are Saying about Tammy

“I just have to RAVE about Tammy Foley. This woman is worth her weight in gold times 10! I cannot even tell you how much this will help my business. AND I finally feel I’m in good hands with a wonderful business partner and strategist who will help me manage and grow my business with sound financial systems in place.”
Karin Volo
Author, Entrepreneur, International Business Woman

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