Tammy’s QuickBook classes enabled me to quickly learn the basic principles of how QuickBooks works as well as how to organize and track expenses and income.

Tammy provided us with a very useful manual and the post class support is outstanding. All I have to do is call to ask a question and it is easily answered.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is trying to better organize their financial matters both personal and business.
— John

“I was able to take the “Setting Up your Business Foundation” online course and learned how to accurately set up my business. I Learned the correct paper flow to keep my records in order. Now I have time to work on my business!”

Kathy Ballard, Owner, Baskin Robbins

“I know i’m not the only entrepreneur out there struggling with my books. If you need help with your bookkeeping skills and organization, then I recommend talking the “Setting Up your Business Foundation” online course.”

Audra Jean Baker, Inspirational Nutrition & Fitness

“This course came through, it taught me things I didn’t know I could do! Tammy is a great instructor, patient and very knowledgeable. I recommend to take this class.”

Linda Brown, Linda Brown Coaching

“Life is easy if you know the right people. You and your team showed me how to toss all my frustrations, confusions, insecurities, and uncertainties about my keeping the books and being in charge of my finances, out the window. thank you for teaching me how to a better, smarter business owner.”

Karmen Reed, KickOff Topic

“I have owned my own business for several years have been struggling with my business finances for longer that I care to admit. I wish I’d taken the “Setting Up your Business Foundation” course earlier. I would have avoided several costly mistakes and it would have saved a ton of my valuable time. I recommend this course to all entrepreneur, regardless how long they’re been in business.”

Kay Wolf, Owner, Posey Garden Florist

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